The Broken Little Car.


Here is the good news, I bring you this image of the docks on the flathead lake. I had an amazing pancake breakfast, thought I’d have to drive here myself, potentially calling a tow truck which I cannot afford, but have have had my day turned into a fun road trip adventure. Its 4th of July eve! Neysa and I adventured through Taco Bell, a thrift store, and getting lost on the dirt roads. Someone has been shooting at the roadsigns again and we, with no cell signal, as always, missed quite a few turns.

As far as the car, I have the parts and jacks, but have run into a snag. The mounting hardware for the new shocks does not match that of the old shocks. I’m falling short on the funding for the alignment, having to instead purchase a few tools and plates for the upper bushings.
I am raising my funding goal, despite raising over the initial amount.
I am in need of a 15mm, 14mm, 13mm, deep sockets, as well as a 13mm articulated box wrench. Hopefully the local store will have these as well as a coating agent (not grease) for the hardware as well as a few nuts and bolts I can buy to piece together the upper assembly as the original and the new are different sizes. I was extremely lucky to bum a ride to Polson, MT today after discovering the parts could be sent to a shop there next day. Polson Auto Parts was nice enough to match the price I had found through the Monroe reseller. I should only be $50 off of my needed goal.

Please donate to my repair fund at GOfundme!IMG_2365.jpg

I will be hoping for the best. oddly enough, my American made car parts are in repair on the 4th. If its not become apparent, this is not as much a blog about art or travel or photography. I don’t want to sugar coat how “#vanlife” works in the real world. I have been traveling, roaming, housesitting, and backpacking off and on for most of the last decade. I bring out these posts to provide insight to what it means to be a traveling, working freelancer, on a normal budget, with bills and setbacks. Everything from cutting mat board on a pick-nick table in a national forrest, to automotive repairs which hinder travel. there is a vast unseen element in solo travel. I love every minute of it. But, this lifestyle isn’t glamorous. It’s hardworking and stressful, but rewarding simultaneously.


Summer Weddings

postcard front w mak v2.jpg

Summer wedding and engagement season is here. My schedule is remarkably free for photographing/videographing weddings and events. I may even be able to sneak in a few portrait sessions. While currently in Montana. I am able to accept appointments throughout the Pacific Northwest. Please email for bookings.

It’s a New Beginning.

After quite a few years on the back burner and a few domain issues, I am back online. Up and running. I hope to dig in and let the creative juices flow back into the internet. And it sure is nice to be doing this from “home” again. And I bring you all another wonderful view of the Flathead Lake, here in western Montana. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At the Train station

A simple early morning post. I am waiting for a bus to the amtrak station in orlando. currently, i am on my way back to ohio for little over a week to see my youngest brother, zac, graduate from Ohio University. It’ll be great. I haven’t seen my family in over a year, not since i left ohio January of 2012. I’m limiting myself to only taking a small carryon backpack from northface and my laptop bag. i’ve only been able to pack my gf2 body and a small argus c44, as they are the only two cameras that would fit with my clothes in the bag. the bus depot, here in st. pete, is quite small. strangely, it is equipped with pay per use wifi from brighthouse networks and a gumball machine.i’ll be posting rather sporadically as I’m not sure what the wifi situations will be until i arrive at union station in Washington, D.C.
As follows, the trip schedule is: bus to orlando, 130pm train to union station in DC, switch trains to cincinnatti, spend a morning in downtown cincy, then take a greyhound for $10 to dayton. It looks to be a slightly hectic trip as I’ll be spending a few hours of downtime at the mall in washington, then venturing over to Univesity of Cincinnatti campus on thursday morning for coffee. there will be tons of downtime on the train to sleep and work on images


Images via Ipad.

Burgers, yet no strippers.

Strip burger Vegas.
Not a strip club, but named by location on Las Vegas Blvd. in the Paradise end of the Vegas Strip.

Happy hour 2pm to 7 pm. Domestic beer in 12oz glasses as low as $2.00. Amazing, chill food and atmousphere, yet located on the strip of the major resort hotels and casinos. Also an easy smash and grap for a quick bite to eat, with the out door bar. Inside is a woeful restaurants with fine wines and well priced bar food, designed to fill the stomach if any avid foodie.



In The Middle

First time in a plane in 19 years, second trip by plane ever, and I got an entire row to myself on a sold out flight. But, the fucking window was stuck shut. So no view of anything.

TPA is a great little airport to fly out of. I’m pretty sure I now know exactly what “tsa approved” is and how to make it function for carry on stuff. I seam to have had a far better experience than anyone else I’ve met who travels with a full camera kit. It’s 8:13 pm Tampa time, though I’m only 200 miles out of den according to the pilot. My largest problem is that i cannot sit in one spot this long, even if I technically have three spots (abc in row 21).

After the argument with the cabby trying to pull one over on someone who refers to Detroit as the last place I’ve felt to be home, I bartered a $40/ 29 mile ride to the downtown Denver mall to snap some shots of the Halloween bar crowd and grab a bite to eat at the 6th Starbucks in 24 hours. Finally meeting up with Mak, the night ends. For me it’s 2:30am. Still at half past midnight I am shivering and editing a few fun snapshots from the trip out.






Snakes in the grass.

What an exciting weekend folks. I am currently writing from the couch at my coworker’s house. Through a twist of fate, my house sitting gig fell through.
My boss suggested that I utilize a trek cruiser bike that we retrofitted with an electric assist kit from Bionx and attach a bob trailer to it to haul my backback and such from the house. I can attest that this system was not designed for the loads, but moving at 25 mph with a hundred pound load over the pinellas trail overpasses is too much fun to ignore. Unfortunately, with such loads, the battery life does suffer. Though the system is a great tool for bicycle commuters, not carrying a full touring load. There world show room is in downtown St. Petersburg.
In other news…
My iBook, finally, stopped allowing me to use any programs requiring vector rendering or flash, including Firefox. Luckily I found an iPad 2 on a super discount. I’ve been able to finally get much more accomplished in an afternoon, than I usually get done in a week. Sadly, I found my snake nemesis, in the photo below. Though, I’m pretty sure the one I encountered a week ago was />