Transitions and Digital Dreaming.

It’s nice to hit a calm spell every once in a while.
I have an image that I cannot shake from my head. It’s a view, seen here below, from the back porch of the place I’ve been staying for the past few weeks. I’ve buried my trusty Nikon in the bottom of my bag as I am not easily able to throw such a large machine in my bag everyday. The little Samsung nx is metal, tiny, and has a “half leaf” shutter, comparable to an old Kodak Brownie. Basically, it goes everywhere, defies rain, and takes super crisp black and whites. As anyone who reads a few entries knows, I’mnormally not the greatest fan of using digital equipment, mostly because I’ve been babied with amazing older mechanical equipment. Soon I am to make a rather large purchase on a digital body. Film development has been crippling my creative flow for a few months now, so the venture should be rewarding.

With the limited use of my iPad for editing, my work is focussing on composition and becoming less technical. I favor a very street/spontaneous approach to creating. I’m littering this post with some of the rewarding bits from the last few weeks, inside downtown st. Petersburg. These are a collection from work, life in this metro paradise, and a bit of a personal essay on my surroundings.






It may also be possible to imagine what could have been in the 1930’s from a visual stand point. Walking to the bank, I uncovered a construction site, where a neighboring building was demolished, to reveal a sign for a toy shop dating to the 1920’s. All in all, the summer has been one trip of flash flooding and urban discovery.