Transitions and Digital Dreaming.

It’s nice to hit a calm spell every once in a while.
I have an image that I cannot shake from my head. It’s a view, seen here below, from the back porch of the place I’ve been staying for the past few weeks. I’ve buried my trusty Nikon in the bottom of my bag as I am not easily able to throw such a large machine in my bag everyday. The little Samsung nx is metal, tiny, and has a “half leaf” shutter, comparable to an old Kodak Brownie. Basically, it goes everywhere, defies rain, and takes super crisp black and whites. As anyone who reads a few entries knows, I’mnormally not the greatest fan of using digital equipment, mostly because I’ve been babied with amazing older mechanical equipment. Soon I am to make a rather large purchase on a digital body. Film development has been crippling my creative flow for a few months now, so the venture should be rewarding.

With the limited use of my iPad for editing, my work is focussing on composition and becoming less technical. I favor a very street/spontaneous approach to creating. I’m littering this post with some of the rewarding bits from the last few weeks, inside downtown st. Petersburg. These are a collection from work, life in this metro paradise, and a bit of a personal essay on my surroundings.






It may also be possible to imagine what could have been in the 1930’s from a visual stand point. Walking to the bank, I uncovered a construction site, where a neighboring building was demolished, to reveal a sign for a toy shop dating to the 1920’s. All in all, the summer has been one trip of flash flooding and urban discovery.

Snakes in the grass.

What an exciting weekend folks. I am currently writing from the couch at my coworker’s house. Through a twist of fate, my house sitting gig fell through.
My boss suggested that I utilize a trek cruiser bike that we retrofitted with an electric assist kit from Bionx and attach a bob trailer to it to haul my backback and such from the house. I can attest that this system was not designed for the loads, but moving at 25 mph with a hundred pound load over the pinellas trail overpasses is too much fun to ignore. Unfortunately, with such loads, the battery life does suffer. Though the system is a great tool for bicycle commuters, not carrying a full touring load. There world show room is in downtown St. Petersburg.
In other news…
My iBook, finally, stopped allowing me to use any programs requiring vector rendering or flash, including Firefox. Luckily I found an iPad 2 on a super discount. I’ve been able to finally get much more accomplished in an afternoon, than I usually get done in a week. Sadly, I found my snake nemesis, in the photo below. Though, I’m pretty sure the one I encountered a week ago was />


To the rescue.

Fortunately, I’ve stumbled on a great pizza by the slice cafe, while bouncing around downtown St Petersburg. I’ve been from fedex to the post office and toured some of the downtown bike shops running errands all day. I conveniently forgot to eat, a deadly predicament in this heat. But fortunato’s came to my rescue as I ventured the remaining 3 miles home.



Planting Shallow Roots

Johnathan and I at Millennium Park, Seminole, FL.
35mm anaglyph and digital drawing.

Nothing about my travels have gone to plan. Actually, this fact is the plan. Working in St. Petersburg and staying in Florida becomes more fruitful with the passing days. I have landed an amazing job, still working as a bicycle mechanic. The beauty is how I’ve managed my free time. Simply stated, the images below are some of my favorite images of the last year.

And yes, I am presenting a snapshot of Seminole, Florida in anaglyphs. Get your glasses.

Self portrait while waiting for the bus.
35mm anaglyph.

I also shaved since starting my travels.

An abandoned Ford Model-T in a park I passed.
35mm anaglyph and digital drawing.
Candid image of flowers and emptying the trash.
35mm Anaglyph.
Trees in Millennium Park, Seminole, FL.
35mm anaglyph.
35mm Anaglyph.