Summer Weddings

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Summer wedding and engagement season is here. My schedule is remarkably free for photographing/videographing weddings and events. I may even be able to sneak in a few portrait sessions. While currently in Montana. I am able to accept appointments throughout the Pacific Northwest. Please email for bookings.

Art is here, too.

This may feel stretchy. I know I sense the elasticity, even as I write this. I have not abandoned my blog. I swear. Though my traveling has slowed to a realistic, not happening at the moment factor, I am finding myself more in an exploratory mode with a few art projects and such.

35mm Kodak b/w c41.
35mm Kodak b/w c41.

St. Petersburg, for love or hate, is home for the time being. Future excursions out of state are very likely, and also much welcomed. Home is a pretty happy place for the time being. It is also a very artsy place as I keep discovering and rediscovering. This last year has found me very busy, mostly at this little bicycle shop in town, but also trying to revamp myself as an artist. It is a good feeling to finally have a reconciliation with my former journalism work and my background in printmaking and painting, finally coming together in my photography.

More importantly, The Toasters are going to become extremely active, but less centered on travel. It needs more art.

Since, I’ve been in this area, I’ve seen a few new exciting places growing and flourishing. We have the Warehouse Arts District, one of many developing powers in the scene here. A new super bad ass eatery is popping up every other day. As is happening, street art and murals like the one pictured with model and local fashion blogger Kat at Costumely are exploding down every alleyway in the downtown area.

35mm kodak b/w c41 process film.
35mm kodak b/w c41 process film.

Its exciting, its art, and its taking hold of this blog.

Something in denim.

Sorry, I just had to begin with a corny photo I composed of an alleyway downtown, in St. Petersburg, FL.
The real treat is this sneak peak at a new fashion blog, for which I am collaborating in a photography sense.
The woman running the blog, Kat Morency, has a style to rival any designer I’ve met in the past. With a knack for presenting inexpensive, yet stylish little numbers, I’m hopeful this project adds a nice little boost to the Suncoast’s too often beach-only minded fashion sense.

Photography in 2013

This is my photo submission for the new year. I hope 2013 is as wonderful to everyone else as it has been to me.
The photos above was a self commissioned Christmas present for a coworker, whose wife is an amazing found jeweler and fashion designer. I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph many if her pieces this last month.
Below is an example of her work.

More can be found at Marie Gagne.
Happy new year everyone.