Burgers, yet no strippers.

Strip burger Vegas.
Not a strip club, but named by location on Las Vegas Blvd. in the Paradise end of the Vegas Strip.

Happy hour 2pm to 7 pm. Domestic beer in 12oz glasses as low as $2.00. Amazing, chill food and atmousphere, yet located on the strip of the major resort hotels and casinos. Also an easy smash and grap for a quick bite to eat, with the out door bar. Inside is a woeful restaurants with fine wines and well priced bar food, designed to fill the stomach if any avid foodie.



Sound proof cages.

I took a long trek around downtown St Petersburg for the fourth. The views from the pier were astounding. Such a clear day with so many people. After hours snapping shots, which will be part of the following post, I ducked out to a small cafe on the main strip. It was approaching ten and I’m not one for liking fireworks. I grabbed a now, new favorite dish, at a new favorite spot, the Sab Cafe. For $16, a tofu yum salad and two yuengling at this small asian eatery gave me a small chance for a full, happy belly and a much needed spot at a bar to rest and be social. This little photog is appreciatively, happy. ( my iPhone also just learned the word photog. I am so proud.)



To the rescue.

Fortunately, I’ve stumbled on a great pizza by the slice cafe, while bouncing around downtown St Petersburg. I’ve been from fedex to the post office and toured some of the downtown bike shops running errands all day. I conveniently forgot to eat, a deadly predicament in this heat. But fortunato’s came to my rescue as I ventured the remaining 3 miles home.



The Edible Ides

This is March with food. Instead of writing, I’ve decided to let the photos do the talking. With short descriptions, these images represent how I eat on no budget. I’m not taking handouts, but with miniscule supplies and a few good hands in the kitchen, taste buds can be set ablaze. Anywhere there is an abundance of spanish culture, chilies thrive. This last month has been no exception. I, also, love spice. Enjoy and email me for some fun recipes.

Mazzaro's in St. Petersburg with Alyssa and Johnathan. My Aunt and Uncle and everybody pooled together change for coffee and pastries at the earliest possible hour one Saturday morning. One of the best hangover cures. They also offer free wine tasting, but crowds grow to an intolerable level after 11am.
35mm kodak gold 200, Canonet QL17.
Coffee, rice and veggies. Alyssa's cooking with pennies spent to feed an army.
35mm kodak gold 200, canonet QL17.
The open produce market at the flea market in Seminole, FL. Alyssa, Johnathan, and I one saturday morning before work. If its a root and edible, you can barter your heart out to get it. Food for days and admission is a dollar per car, free with out the parking.
35mm kodak gold 200, canonet QL17