In The Middle

First time in a plane in 19 years, second trip by plane ever, and I got an entire row to myself on a sold out flight. But, the fucking window was stuck shut. So no view of anything.

TPA is a great little airport to fly out of. I’m pretty sure I now know exactly what “tsa approved” is and how to make it function for carry on stuff. I seam to have had a far better experience than anyone else I’ve met who travels with a full camera kit. It’s 8:13 pm Tampa time, though I’m only 200 miles out of den according to the pilot. My largest problem is that i cannot sit in one spot this long, even if I technically have three spots (abc in row 21).

After the argument with the cabby trying to pull one over on someone who refers to Detroit as the last place I’ve felt to be home, I bartered a $40/ 29 mile ride to the downtown Denver mall to snap some shots of the Halloween bar crowd and grab a bite to eat at the 6th Starbucks in 24 hours. Finally meeting up with Mak, the night ends. For me it’s 2:30am. Still at half past midnight I am shivering and editing a few fun snapshots from the trip out.






Leaving The Land of Rascal Mania

I really have no excuse for this title.


Vegas est la citi de vie( my French will never improve)

Trying to type with an ancient iPhone, now burried in it’s lack of ios6 support, whilst in tango with St Petersburg public transit, is frustrating at best. I anxiously await a flight date, departing for a friend’s wedding. A twist of fate will have me fencing off tsa in full tuxedo mask attire, Halloween evening. Patience prevents me from enjoying that I’m wearing a hoodie just to combat the air-conditioning on the bus. It’s mid October and just cool enough for jeans at night. A whopping 73• low.
The rainy season has also passed. I find myself hunting for a lightly lined denim jacket for my short stay in Denver, where I hope to meet up and photograph with a few friends. Afterwards, we are driving across Utah and some desert to escape the cool mountains and hit an Elvis wedding chapel. That is a serious sentence and serious location for the wedding.
Im selling any unused equipment to help pay for the expenses, including one bike, camera odds and ends, and tent. I should have a smaller tent anyway. On the twelfth, I’ll return to work in Florida. I can’t wait to see Christmas lights in palm trees.

More to be posted as I leave tomorrow.