Another go around with an old friend

Image shown from eBay auction.

In a strange turn of events, I have accidentally won another insane eBay auction. If it weren’t for the amazing effort put in by the eBay support staff after the debacle involving a hostile buyer for my canon 1d (yes my idiot self had to sell a beloved camera for car repair and such), I would have sworn off the site entirely. In the wee hours of the morning I sent a random “joke” offer to a seller for the camera above and they accepted.

For an accidental $8 I accrued through doing those pointless online surveys for dimes, I said why the hell not and made a gamble. It’s tough to find motivation to not be online, despite my amazing surroundings, when you’re stuck with only a broken Nikon f2 eating half of every roll or breaking them mid-roll and my trusted Olympus with its now broken lens.

The focus ring is coming apart due to age. 7 years of going everywhere, I suspect.

This “little win” means so much. If you’re unfamiliar with my older work, ( hint: the images are buried in the earliest posts of this blog.) I used one of these and a Nikon f4s almost exclusively for a few years doing editorial fashion in Florida. I sold my old Argus c44 kit, as they are known, to a friend who fell in love with it. She had developed a focus issue in the geared finder so he got quite the deal. I sincerely can not contain my excitement. These lenses have accumulated a cult following with Sony users creating custom mods for their digital bodies. The “kit” lens has a 19 blade aperture and a full leaf shutter, providing flash sync throughout its entire shutter range. I have a sweet spot for leaf shutters for this very reason. The camera provided a solution to combating the harsh gulf coast sun, where the Nikon usually fell short. In my opinion the lenses rival most Leica lenses in color rendition. Sadly, this was argus’s only interchangeable model. Made in Ann Arbor, MI as well!

These are just a couple of the examples form the previous copy I owned.

With luck, I’ll find a few rolls of film for my trip down to LA. I am still, just shy of the GoFundme goal to repair the car. But the idea of having access to processing chemicals in California is brightening my day. As always, much of this work is for sale, so please message me for any bookings or print orders. Ultimately, this is how I fund my #vanlife. Speaking of which, will from now on be known as #focuslife, as this feels more appropriate to having a normal car and not an $80k custom conversion van, while not also making six figures and “living off the grid” to be trendy. I love the outdoors and I’d rather sleep outside. as always, thanks for the support.


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