A few good golden moments

img_2351IMG_2357I am dealing with a delay regarding the car and have been for the past few days. It’s just the basic suspension and bushing issues. Though it has been dampening my abilities to make it through the mountains and spend a week driving out to the Mojave. I have started a go fund me, since I am between paydays and projects, as my finances are short. I either have the money for gas or the suspension repair, but not both. The silver lining is that my friend’s wonderful neighbor has all the tools and equipment to help me do the over haul. I couldn’t be more grateful having a talented mechanic next door. The people in this region really do care about the well being of their neighbors. And it shows in so many ways.

After weighing out my luggage, it has become apparent that the suspension is going out regardless of the weight of my gear. to balance out most of the costs, Ive listed and sold my canon 1d. so, I will be traveling with only the EM5 and no back ups. I should be able to barter a 5d upon arriving in LA. fingers crossed. I will miss the Flathead Valley more than I’d like to admit.

This is the link for my GofundMe posting.

As always, I also bring you a wonderful image of a Montana sunrise.


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